Who We Are

brookhaven-lodge-hayward1My fishing experience started at the knee of my grandfather, where I learned the fine art of fly-fishing while rowing my Grandfather John around the very trout ponds that now hold one of the few naturally reproducing Rainbow trout populations in northern Wisconsin. The ponds and surrounding property were originally purchased as a fly-fishing retreat for native Brook trout and Rainbows. Since those early beginnings, we have added to our holdings, increasing our ponds to six and introducing Browns and Nipigon Brook trout to a few systems. We have worked extensively with Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and their fisheries biologist to improve the health of our pond systems and the fish they hold. Along with fish management, we strive to improve the habitat for a diversity of wildlife species through forest management and planting of forage crops. As a result, we are able to offer our guests a quality fly-fishing experience, along with a chance to observe a variety of wildlife the Wisconsin northwoods has to provide.

I have been a fishing and hunting guide for nearly twenty-five years, exploring such areas as Bahamas, Mexico, Africa and other places worldwide.