Fishing Experience

brookhaven-lodge-4Guests can expect quiet solitude while fishing on our privately held water systems. Fishing is primarily done from boats as the size of our systems, as well as the vegetation and terrain around ponds, curtail shore fishing.

Brookhaven has a healthy population of native Brook, Rainbow, Brown, and Nipigon Brook trout, and a naturally occurring hybrid population of Golden trout exists in our spring creek water system.

Cabin Fever? Can’t wait to get the fly rod out and wet your fly? We offer year-round fishing in the fish hatchery ponds as long as the temperatures remain above 50° Fahrenheit.

Clients can expect quality fishing experiences from our modified drift boats.

We have rods available for use and trout flies,leaders, and lines available for purchase. For any other equipment and gear that you may be missing or find yourself in need of, we recommend the friendly folks at Hayward Fly Fishing Company in downtown Hayward.